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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Changing world

Yes Toto, it is a changing world, here in Edmonton and around the world, and it all unfolds on the front pages of the Edmonton Sun. We are a city of 1,000,000 people.

We get to see the results of parents who see no problem in having their underage child host a party at a community centre or at home with alcohol and send out a blanket invitation.

We get to see a father who gets his picture and story in the paper about how he is going to fight a rule at his kid's school about not using their cell phones in the school classroom and on the school property, purely because he does not like the rule. Despite the child having been warned several times before.

We see the city spend millions of dollars on Whyte Avenue during the run to the Stanley Cup last year, yet no one wants to hand the bill to the people who caused the problem, the drunks and the bars who serve them on Whyte Avenue.

We see a dramatic rise in murders and violence in the city, yet no one wants to admit we have a problem and the problem lies in the majority of the cases in the ethnic and drug gang problem.

We have kids and adults that show us everyday that the laws and rules of this land are for others to obey and not them, but they have a right to tax payer funded health care for their stupidity.

It is a changing world, and to stop the change for the worse we only need to take a close look in the mirror.

There lies the solution.

Thank youNorm Greenfield


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