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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Waiting for answers in Overtime fiasco

The Overtime fiasco is an example of the fact that we as citzens need to stop blindly supporting our police as if they can do no wrong and are somehow angels and above the law.

Like the media, the police are given special in the law, society and our communities by the citizens of Edmonton through our laws and constitution. Both must not use or abuse this power to further their own positions in life, but to help the community and country to maintain our freedoms both from them and of them.

If those that enforce the law consider themselves to be above the law, and start to use their coercive powers against the very citizens that give them their special place in the law, society and our communities, then we do have a serious problem.

That being said, as a freelance journalist, I will be going to the downtown Overtime for New Years Eve.

I will not raise a protest if the city of Edmonton's finest want to get me drunk on their tab.

Thank youNorm Greenfield


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