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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stephane Dion a citizen of Canada and France.

We can see that the government of Stephen Harper is doing nothing but trying to sling as much at Stephane Dion as they can.

Is it out of fear, stupidity, ignorance or arrogance?

Lets just keep in mind the following MPs who are citizens of Canada and some other country, from both sides of the House of Commons.

Diane Ablonczy, United States * Omar Alghabra, Saudi Arabia * Vivian Barbot, Haiti * Susan Barnes, Malta * Maurizio Bevilacqua, Italy * John Cannis, Greece * Raymond Chan, China * Chris Charlton, Germany * Olivia Chow, Hong Kong * Tony Clement, England * Libby Davies, England * Sukh Dhaliwal, India * Ujjal Dosanjh, India * Steven Fletcher, Brazil * Joe Fontana, Italy * Hedy Fry, Trinidad * Nina Grewal, Japan * Albina Guarnieri, Italy * Rahim Jaffer, Uganda * Jim Karygiannis, Greece * Wajid Khan, Pakistan * Maka Kotto, Cameroon * Gurbax Malhi, India * Inky Mark, China * Keith Martin, England * Tony Martin, Ireland * Maria Minna, Italy * Maria Mourani, Ivory Coast * Deepak Obhrai, Tanzania * Daniel Petit, Belgium * Yasmin Ratansi, Tanzania * Pablo Rodriguez, Argentina * Michael Savage, Northern Ireland * Mario Silva, Portugal * Peter Stoffer, Netherlands * Andrew Telegdi, Hungary * Lui Temelkovski, Macedonia * Myron Thompson, United States * Vic Toews, Paraguay * Joe Volpe, Italy * John Williams, Scotland

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