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Thursday, December 14, 2006



I have to wonder where the mind of the letter writer in Sunday's Sun was when he penned the letter 'EXPENSIVE CUPPA JOE.'

Maisonneuve must have forgotten the entire bands, entertainment troupes, and such that were sent over to England, or stayed here on or around the bases to do nothing else but raise the morale or keep the morale high for the Canadian forces fighting in WW 1, WW2, or in Korea.

We still see our troops around the world being able to watch NHL hokcey, CFL football, communicate via sattelite tele-video methods with their families at home, as well as some of the comfort foods of home.

Maybe Maisonneuve needs to take his head out of the sand and talk to some of the men and women that have been to Afghanistan and find out that paying $2 to $5 million for coffee for the men and women fighting in the conflict is a cheap investment if it helps keep them of sound mind and body. I do believe the US Armed Forces have Burger King, and other American style food operations to go to as well.

If we ignore that part of the life of a soldier, sailor or flyboy in the theatre of operations, we will be having to spend much more in Canada when they return.

Norm Greenfield


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