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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tight Races Galvanizes Arts Community

It might be an idea for Bradley Moss, to rid himself of the fuzzy thinking he is using and realize that if Ted Morton win's the leadership it will sink the Progressive Conservative Party and allow parties that truly represent Albertan's to win in the next election.

Jim Dinning thought he could win the nomination by making no mistakes, hence making no big plans or big dreams for the future of the province that lies past the horizon.

Jim Dinning may or may not win the leadership, but he has shown he is nothing more than the status quo, and we have seen what that has gotten us in Alberta.

If those that are buying memberships in another party to make sure a leader that is advantagious to their own party's hopes and dreams, it means that their own party has not grabbed a hole of their hearts and minds.

This whole membership hypocrasy might just be another good reason why people are not showing up to vote at all, let alone for one of the tired 3 old line parties in the Alberta legislature.

Since the Liberal Party does not seem to provide that alternative, and the NDP has lost the wind in its sails, I would suggest Moss look at the Alberta Green Party.

Norm Greenfield


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