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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Guarantee of Wait Times to First Nations

One has to applaud the current Conservative government in Ottawa for getting a late start on their wait time guarantee promise. What one has to wonder with the program they have come up with.

It is to guarantee wait times for pregnant First Nations mothers to be.

How will they assure the guaranteed times are met" What is the penalty for not meeting them and who pays it?

If the various health care regions and administrations are struggling to meet acceptable wait times for thier citizens, and most if not all are stretched to the limits for both space and staff resources, where will the federal government come up with the magical answer?

Will they be using the medical resources that somehow exist in the federal department of health, but nowhere else in Canada?

Will they be contracting with public health funded doctors to work outside of the provincial health care system? If they do this, will that not create a problem in the public health care sector where the rest of Canadians must find and wait for their timely health care services?

Will they send the First Nation's mum's to be to the USA?

We have seen how the federal government has delivered on other issues for First Nations, when it tries to target problems with ill thought out ideas and policies.

Will this be a hot button political announcement made by the Harper government with little or no long term thought as to where and how this will end up for both the First Nation's people of Canada, and the rest of Canada.

Norm Greenfield


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