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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Afghanistan Question - Do We Pull Out or Not?

To: Wild Rose Forum
Subject: The Afghanistan Question - Do We Pull Out or Not?

Yes, Canada went into Afghanistan fighting someone elses war, using their tactics.

This is no different than the First or Second World War.

Considering we lost considerably more Canadian Soldiers, sailors, and air crew in both, and some are demanding we pull out of Afghanistan because we cannot win and 45 Canadian soldiers have been killed, when would these same people have demanded we pull out of World War 1 or 2?

Keep in mind Britain and Canada along with the Allies were losing the war, up to and around D-Day.

Keep in mind we did not know about the concentration camps, nor the other atrocities that Hitler was doing to Europeans at the time.

Is not rebuilding Afghanistan to the point where they can enjoy some sort of freedom from warriors, drug lords, and fantaticals, worth the effort?

If this is not, and we pull out, why would any other country that is being tortured and murdered by the civil war, and fanaticism of any stripe believe Canada when we say we will come to help?

Do we have to add the caviat, that we will come help out as long as we don't get hurt, dirty our hands, or die?

Yes it is time Canada take the lead and change the temper of the war in Afghanistan and use our tried and tested methods of peace keeping and making, to make and sustain a peaceful life for the Afghanistanies. Even if that means talking to and dealing face to face with the Taliban.

This is not a new idea in warfare.

Thank you

Norm Greenfield


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