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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Campaigning, by stealth

One has to wonder who is starting the stealth campaign for Stephane Dion, the Liberals or the media who seem bent on jumping on his bandwagon cause it looks like it is the one that might just win the next election race, not because there is any substance to it..

The new Green party leader seems to have fallen for the stealth campaign as well when she said in a recent article written by Mike DeSouza that, ''If they try to smear him and say that he's somehow associated with past Liberal corruption, they're just barking up the wrong tree,'' or ''If they try to say he was anything other than a very strong environment minister, they're making it up.''

It was Dion who was a member of the Chrétien Cabinet during the sponsorship scandal. Mr Dion was also in Cabinet as successive Liberal governments presided over the multi-billion dollar HRDC and gun registry boondoggles.

Dion's record speaks for itself:
Environmentalists criticised Dion’s record as Environment Minister for relying on voluntary measures to reduce pollution.The federal environment commissioner said “[Dion’s plan was] not up to the task of meeting the Kyoto obligations.”Report of the Environment Commissioner, Overview, page 9, 28 September 2006.
Canada received a Fossil of the Day Award in December 2005, while Dion was the host to the climate change summit in Montreal.
Dion voted with the Conservatives against banning scab workers from federal workplaces (22 October 2003 & 13 April 2005)
Dion voted with the Conservatives against mandatory fuel efficiency in cars (22 February 2005)
Dion was absent for the vote on the Liberal bill to implement the Kyoto Protocol (4 October 2006)
Dion was absent for the vote on the Liberal bill to implement the Kelowna Accord (18 October 2006)
Dion voted against improving benefits for the families of fallen firefighters (26 October 2005)
The stealth is not being created by the Dion strategizers, it is being created by the media

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Norm Greenfield


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