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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Marriage issue is over, this time for good

Unfortunately what has gotten lost in the loud and acrimonious debate over the issue of same sex marriage is that the churches that have entered into the debate forgot something on the way in.

No church has ever been forced to do anything with-in its walls if the actions are based in their theology, doctrine, or dogma.

The problem that has occurred in the evolution of the marriage rite, is that many churches have taken over the role, or added the role, of being marriage license issuers.

This is where they may be tripped up if at all in the issue of whether they perform same-sex marriages or civil unions.

Let the churches perform all of the marriages they want, and let the province and its registry offices do the issuing of the marriage licenses.

If the church wants to stand firm on the notion of a separation of church and state, then it is an issue and principle that swings both ways. They must stay out of the state's business.

If the churches return all that is Caesar's, including the administration of justice and government and be content in doing just what they are good at, the teaching and practice of religion, then all will be right.

An officer of the court, or an agent of the government, which the local registries office is, must operate according to the law, and process applications and such according to the regulations, laws, and directives approved and passed down to them by the provincial, federal, or civic governments.

That is what a democracy is all about, and anything else makes no better than a tin pot dictatorship.

Thank youNorm Greenfield


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