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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Greening of the Oil Sands

Anyone in the business of producing oil by way of conventional methods or the oils sands, that say they did not see the issue of pollution and the environment looming large on the horizon of the federal government and the next election should resolve to get rid of their toadies in their government, public or community relations departments.

The people who run the largest companies involved in the oil sands are probably more surprised that they are not being looked as the pure and innocents that they think they are.

It is time that Canada's federal government grow the spine that our government in Alberta does not have and put a stop to the growing and continuing poluting of the environment of Canadians that spans provincial boundaries.

It is only people like Ralph Klein who could not see the future of allowing the oil sands industry to use water we don't have, to pollute the water we do have downstream from their operations.

The fear mongering done by the oil sands industry that it will mean disaster is empty.

The oil will be there for centuries and can be removed at a more sustainable and economical rate, and leave the environment in a state that our future generations can still use.

It is time for both Canadians and Albertans through the federal and Alberta governments to reap the rewards of the oil and gas at the same rate as countries like Norway do. It is time we demand the oil and gas industry live to a higher standard, rather than having us live in an environment created by the lowest standards as demanded by oil and gas companies that live and breath outside of Canada.

There has been no change for the positive made in the way the oil and gas industry operates in Alberta with out the threat of the law or regulation.

Corporate Canada should really get their heads out of the clouds and start to hire people around them that will tell them what they need to hear and not what they want to hear.

The false sense of surprise over this change in the public attitude about the environment and the change to the way income trusts were to be treated by the federal government were all obvious to people who do not wear rose coloured blinders.

Thank youNorm Greenfield


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