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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

There is a lot of chatter both by and in the media and politicians of other parties that the Green Party

There is a lot of chatter both by and in the media and politicians of other parties that the Green Party should be allowed to participate in the upcoming Federal general elections televised leaders' debates.

I know in some circles this sounds like the panacea to the Green Party winning a seat in the House of Commons, or to push the Green Party on to the national political stage finally.

The problem with this push, is that the vast majority of voters don't watch the forum, either live or dead (delayed broadcast at another date). Nor do they watch the previews or chattering heads that analyze these things for the tired old grey mass broadcast media.

Hence the reason both the debates and analysis is done in the off-prime time hours of the television networks' time tables.

A better solution for any party that wants to spark an interest in them that is going to truly help them, and push them to victory on the national political stage, is to go tot he alternative media, and host a leadership debate, including inviting the other leaders. The rule would be, it would be a true debate following the debating rules that have been used for centuries, and be focusing on the real issues, and putting forward real solutions and ideas for Canadians to see and hear.

This would be helpful in luring the non-voter, fallen away voter, and the yet to vote youth to the polling booth. The research shows that those three groups are tired of the same same old in this country's politicians and political theatre.

A true virtual debate, held on the internet, on Much Music, and via pod-casting. Available for anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.

In fact if the leaders really wanted to debate and discuss their ideas with Canadians, this national debate should also be truly interactive. Unmanaged, unscripted, and sans-Peter Mansbridge.

People now get most of their news and information from sources other than the grey old mass media.

Norm Greenfield


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