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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Microsoft finds security holes

Why is it that car and other product manufacturers are held to one set of standards when it comes to product defects, but Microsoft is not?

Isn't it time someone launch a class action lawsuit against Microsoft for the number of, 'vulnerabilities,' and 'security holes ,' and have the owners and users of Microsoft products recoup some of the losses we incur because Microsoft is in too much of a hurry to rush their products to market.

Having a disclosure meeting on the second Tuesday of every month to tell the world, that Microsoft has discovered another, 'oops,' is not good enough.

We would not stand for the CEO of GM to stand up and say, 'oop,' if they discovered a problem with the wiring or brakes on one of the models. We would not stand for Ford saying, 'Ooops,' for the Firestone 500 fiasco, or the Exploder.

Why do we allow Microsoft to live to a lower standard?

Thank youNorm Greenfield


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