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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Don Hill is returning to the 'public' airwaves in Alberta, this month - a documentary series for

What exactly is leadership? And what is leading in the 21st century?

It’s a question put to over 50 leaders in a series of conversations for INSPIRING LEADERSHIP,
a new CKUA Radio Network series about leading in the 21st Century.

You’ll hear from people at the top of their game:
Preston Manning, Elizabeth May, leading academics like Henry Mintzberg, and business leaders such as Charlie Fischer and Eric Newell conversations that make a difference. Leadership comes in many flavours. Whether you’re managing in the middle, running a small business or a large multinational -- perhaps you’re a volunteer at the local community league or a coach -- INSPIRING LEADERSHIP speaks to contemporary leadership, best practices, and the challenge of leading.
The documentary series begins January 20th at 8 AM on the CKUA Radio Network.

The complete article is here:

The 20 part series will be on-line, inclusive of many 'web extra' audio files and support materiel at

You can listen to a 'sneak preview' of INSPIRING LEADERSHIP here: (click on the 'what's new' prompt)


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