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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Green News and Views February 12, 2007 - Issue 4

It would seem from some of the clips I have posted below that the Green ground on the political bandwagon is getting crowded.

That is why any party that wants to become a force to be reckoned with they need more than one arrow in their quiver.

It will be political suicide for the Green Party to not come out and talk about the other just as serious issues that are affecting the average Canadian.

There are mounting job losses in Ontario, there are humna rights issues that are affecting not only people in other parts of the world, but right here in Canada with the discussion of the renewal of the laws passed in the shadows of 9/11. Do we want Canada to go back down that road, or do we want to come up with a more modern way of dealing with those that might want to harm Canada or its neighbours in the world?

Does Canada want to speak out on human rights issues in China as it did in those issues in South Africa, when we led the fight against apparthite.

Shouldn't Canada renew its east to west transportation infrastructure to be more efficient in helping us to trade with the world, and make it envirnonmentally sound and friendly, so we can develop more customers for our goods, rather than fixate on our friends to the south?

Should Canada work to use its trade to help develop democracy, improve human rights, and bring peace to the world?

Shouldn't Canada be totally self-sufficient in its own energy needs first, and then work on the rest of the world?

Do you know that east of Sarnia, Ontario their oil is imported while the oil from Alberta is shipped south? How does that help Canada to have an energy security plan, when we cannot help keep the rest of Canada warm?

The Green Party needs to be more than an environmental party. If we hitch our wagon to only one horse, we run the risk of being overtaken and swamped by the other parties.

Unless of course we want to be left at the starting gate at the horse race.


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